First blogpost

               In our first blogpost we would like to write some words about our team. We are information security experts who decided to unite some years ago. We have been working on obfuscation, deobfuscation and antimalware technologies for more than 6 years.
               In April 2013 we founded ReCrypt Company. About a month ago we released beta-version of our Host-based Intrusion Prevention System - ReHIPS. The basic idea behind this project crossed our minds several years ago and it was developing during malware analysis. It's well known that classical signature antiviruses can be bypassed by malware in a lot of cases. ReHIPS is based on other principles and uses Windows built-in access control mechanisms to ensure system safety and data security. ReHIPS doesn't monopolize system protection. Instead it can be used with classical signature-based antivirus to increase protection efficiency.
               A demo version of ReHIPS is free for download from our site. This version is free of charge for noncommercial usage.

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