Announcement of upcoming ReHIPS 1.2.0 release

    In this blogpost we'll speak about upcoming ReHIPS 1.2.0 release. We have been receiving a feedback on previous ReHIPS version for about a half a year. Many thanks to all who contacts us and helps improve ReHIPS.
    The upcoming ReHIPS 1.2.0 is not beta. We have tried to implement the most of the wishes and suggestions that we received from ReHIPS users. ReHIPS 1.2.0 is more stable and compatible than a previous one.
    Please note that as a result of the changes ReHIPS 1.1.0 Beta and ReHIPS 1.2.0 databases are not compatible. So, if ReHIPS 1.1.0 Beta is installed it's necessary to fully uninstall it (including all settings) before installing ReHIPS 1.2.0.
    ReHIPS 1.2.0 changelog:

  • bugfix;
  • DeployHelper was improved, MSI support was added;
  • keyboard layout indicators were added on separate desktops;
  • ReHIPS kernel and GUI were refactored and improved;
  • RulesPack was refactored and extended.

    We'll release ReHIPS 1.2.0 in two steps:
On the first one we'll release ReHIPS 1.2.0 Demo. It is free of charge but limited.
On the 2-nd one we'll start ReHIPS 1.2.0 full version sales.
    Stay tuned.

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